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Європейська база IMEI


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Але там необхідно отримати логін:пароль, який видається відповідно до категоріїї того хто реєструється. Детальніше в мануалі.

Ось, напевно, те що нам може бути доступне - пункт "С":

"10. Classification of Third Party IMEI Database Access

In the event that a number of third parties require read only access to IMEI Database data it is necessary to define access rights for each category of user and that the nature of the data to be accessible to each is clearly defined. In its simplest form, it is envisaged that four tiers, or levels, of third party access will govern access to the IMEI Database, and its data. These can be summarised as follows:

Third Party User Classification User Description

Third Party A Law enforcement agencies

Third Party B National / Regional Interest groups e.g. MICAF

Third Party C Authorised Dealers

Repair centre

Insurance companies

Regulatory bodies

Recyclers of used handsets


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