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[electronic] Underworld - Oblivion with Bells (2007)

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label: traffic

cat. num: TRCP-11-12 (Japanese Limited Edition)

quality: 320 kbps LAME 3.97b [alt-]preset insane

date: 03-10-2007

tracks: 12 (including bonus track)

not a scene release

01. Crocodile

02. Beautiful Burnout

03. Holding The Moth

04. To Heal

05. Ring Road

06. Glam Bucket

07. Boy, Boy, Boy

08. Cuddle Bunny vs The Celtic Villages

09. Faxed Invitation

10. Good Morning Cockerel

11. Best Mamgu Ever

12. Loads of Birds (japan only, bonus track)

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наконец-то прослушал полностью. маладцы пацики, классно заделали )

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