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Arabian Flute

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Mohamed Naiem ;)

Master of the Arabian Flute :lol:

MP3 Lame Insane 320 kbs :0124:

Track Listings

1. Hams (Whsipers)

2. El-Fagr (Dawn)

3. Dam-A Men Oyoun Sood (Teardrop from Black Eyes)

4. Monagah (Prayer)

5. Raqs el Khayyalah (Dancing of the Horses)

6. Farah (Happiness and Celebration)

7. Fantasia

8. Al-Reda Wal Noor (Accepting the Light)


Link: :lol:


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.....иииииииии..........а де ж музика???? :)

Вже пройшов срок зберігання 3 березня. Я знову залив: :)

Насолоджуйся! :)

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